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"Let Choice Energy Services Help Save You Money On Your Electricity Bill."
Javier Loya, President: Choice Energy Services in Houston, Texas

Lawmakers in Austin have recently changed the state law to allow customers more flexibility and control regarding their purchase of electricity. Competition for electric service is already lowering the cost of electricity for all Texas consumers who have switch suppliers from companies like Reliant Energy or TXU to Choice Energy Services. One question we are frequently asked is: "how long before I see a decrease in my monthly electric bill"? The answer is quick and simple. Within 30 days from switching most customers will see up to a 20% decrease in their electric bill!

"I am really proud of our company and our ability to save my fellow Texan's up to 20% on their electricity bills"
Javier Loya President Choice Energy Services Houston Texas

No Monthly Fees  -  No Cancellation Fees  -  No Hidden Costs

If you have not yet heard of Deregulated Electricity, then you are not yet saving money on your Texas Electricity Bill. This newly competitive market gives you a Choice regarding your Electricity provider. You now have the choice to save on your Energy bill in Texas. Take advantage of free choice and Save money on your Texas Energy Bill Today by contacting us at Electricity-Savings.com today.

Whether you are a home owner, a small business or larger corporation, now is the time to take advantage of the newly structured, more efficient choice electricity market in Texas. Competitive Electricity will save you as much as 20% on your next energy bill. Make the right choice and let the professionals at www.Electricity-Savings.com in partnership with CHOICE! Electricity Services analyze your current energy situation and inform you on how much you can save on your Electricity TODAY!
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